The Patterson Insurance Group, Inc.


Important changes are rapidly approaching with Healthcare Reform! Be sure you know where your program stands. Call us for information on the upcoming changes.


The Patterson Insurance Group was founded as an independent distributor of employee benefit programs in 1978 by J. David Patterson, a pioneer in worksite marketing. Since that time, The Patterson Group has evolved into a one stop resource center for all dimensions of employee benefits.

One distinguishing characteristic differentiating The Patterson Insurance Group from competitors is that within its umbrella of services The Patterson Group is also an exceptional, well regarded enrollment firm. By procuring the right products and enrolling its own cases, as well as those of other brokers around the country, allows The Patterson Group to offer complete continuity in client benefit programs.

We strive to simplify the complex world of employee benefit programs. By understanding the power of a happy and appreciative workforce, we realize how important benefits are to each employee. Our staff is dedicated to providing superior service by utilizing the expertise necessary to successfully deliver a quality employee benefit package.


Our mission is to provide knowledgeable, accurate advice; unique, workable solutions; innovative, enthusiastic service; and exceptional, superior administration to support employers who wish to attract and retain quality employees.


  • A firm of associates who are enthused, responsible, and accountable.
  • A professional firm where excellence is the standard, not the exception.
  • A firm where “Status Quo” does not exist, rather an environment where learning and improving is a way of life.
  • A firm where all associates understand their role in making The Patterson Insurance Group the preferred Employee Benefits/Enrollment Company in the industry.


We take great pride in every associate of the firm being candid, honest, sincere, committed, innovative, creative, appreciative, and respectful of every client, policyholder, carrier, and competitor.


With over 30 years of experience, The Patterson Insurance Group has worked with almost every type of industry. Our clients include 25,000 employee poultry companies, hospitals, nursing homes, municipalities, banks, schools, coal mining companies, construction companies, and various manufacturing organizations which are all representative of our versatility as well as our considerable expertise.

The Patterson Insurance Group will provide references upon request.