The Patterson Insurance Group, Inc.


Important changes are rapidly approaching with Healthcare Reform! Be sure you know where your program stands. Call us for information on the upcoming changes.


Benefit Consulting: The Patterson Insurance Group provides program analysis, benefit audits, and efficient streamlined administration.

Medical Program Design: When creating or evaluating an Employer’s medical program, Fully-Insured and Partial Self-Funded/Self-funded options should always be considered. The Patterson Insurance Group has developed long-term relationships with all of the major Fully-Insured carriers, TPA’s (Third Party Administrators), Networks, and Drug Card providers. We provide the expertise necessary to work with these various entities to create the best possible solution for every client.

Enrollment Services: Using a professional enrollment firm will afford employees the opportunity to meet with a team of qualified benefit specialists who act as an extension of human resources. In all cases, our highly trained specialists personally help employees to understand all benefit choices, thus allowing them to make informed decisions.

In-house Customer Service: From 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday, Customer Service Specialists are always ready to answer questions and help you feel comfortable with your benefit elections. Clients will always deal directly with a customer service or sales representative. No automated systems are used during normal business hours.


The Patterson Insurance Group assists clients and other brokers in evaluating, developing, educating, communicating, and delivering quality employee benefit programs. Our company provides enrollment solutions tailored to the workplace enrolled by experienced, salaried professionals in a non-threatening manner. We help the client develop a affordable, efficient, comprehensive benefit program and enroll it via the most appropriate method.

FACE-TO-FACE: A salaried non-commissioned benefit specialist will meet with each employee to explain coverage choices including the availability of new benefits and/or changes in plan structure to existing programs.

CALL CENTER: Employees call a toll-free number and a benefit specialist will explain benefit choices and complete all necessary enrollment materials. Employees will not be required to key in numbers on the telephone.

ASSITED WEB ENROLLMENT: Employers who use the web to enroll core and voluntary benefits often struggle to integrate benefit educational programs into the web process. The web is a good tool for capturing enrollment elections, but it falls short in education. With our assisted web enrollment service, employees speak with a benefit specialist who explains benefit choices, answers questions, and assists with the enrollment process. This enrollment method is very effective.

Web Enrollments: Face-To-Face and assisted web enrollments are the preferred, most efficacious enrollment methods. However, The Patterson Insurance Group realizes that every employer’s needs differ and recognizes that it is not always possible for employees to meet with a benefit specialist. In those situations we have the technical ability to support a web only enrollment. The Patterson Group tailors enrollment software to accommodate each client’s benefit needs.


Because The Patterson Insurance Group is an enrollment firm as well as a marketing group, brokers have access to many services not usually offered by other companies. The Patterson Insurance group will assist brokers through the entire sales and enrollment process. Our firm designs the sales presentations, provides the expertise of an experienced marketing specialist for presentations, as well as devises and implements a successful enrollment strategy. The Patterson Insurance Group takes great satisfaction in offering brokers a full spectrum of services.

Enrollments are often complex and difficult to manage. It is crucial to plan enrollments that minimize disruptions and avoid complications. The Patterson Group has over 30 years of enrollment experience with a variety of diverse clients in various industries and can help clients properly evaluate and plan a successful benefit enrollment.